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Don’t Let Your Newspapers Stack Up


Briefing_newspaperNo one enjoys the sight of a stack of unread newspapers. Time, money and energy spent creating and then distributing the papers is wasted, and then so is your time and more energy when you have to send it all to a recycling center. (Remember, never throw newspapers in the garbage — they emit greenhouse gases as they decompose in landfills.)

You can help avoid these stacks by having your newspaper subscription halted when you are out of town. Just contact the circulation department of the publication and request a temporary stoppage. The Dallas Morning News lets you do this by going to its subscriber services page and clicking on “Manage Your Account.” Or you can call (214) 745-8383 or toll free (800) 925-1500 to speak to a customer care specialist.

The Morning News also produces a free, four-day newspaper called Briefing. If you are receiving the newpaper but do not wish to — or if you want to pause its delivery for a while — visit the Briefing subscription page and fill in the form on the right side of the page. You also can discontinue the free home delivery by contacting the Briefing Customer Care Team at (214) 977-8333.