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Water Efficiency



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Smart Controllers Help Frisco Citizens to Use Water Wisely

Learn about the Smart Controller Program that offers a $100 rebate for homeowners that upgrade their sprinkler systems to use smart controller technology. Smart controllers keep a landscape healthier and apply water more efficiently by adjusting watering schedules for weather conditions. More

Are You Checking For Leaks?

See how common types of leaks caused by toilet flappers and dripping faucets are easily correctable and require only a few tools and hardware. More

Schedule a Free Irrigation Check-Up

Learn first-hand how to maintain a healthier landscape and increase your sprinkler system’s efficiency. More

Waste and Hazards

Anonymously report any wasteful landscape watering activities or emergencies. Find out what is water waste in Frisco and how to send in a report. More

Newly Adopted Water Management Plan

The City of Frisco has new, mandatory water restrictions for summer months which emphasize watering efficiently and reducing waste. You can read the complete City of Frisco Water Management Plan or read the one page summary.

Did you know?

The City of Frisco receives its treated water supply from the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD). The NTMWD supplies water to approximately 1.6 million people in 13 member cities and 57 customers in seven counties.

Five surface water supply sources make up the NTMWD reservoir system that supplies our treated water supply. The primary source is Lavon Lake with other reservoirs supplementing Lavon Lake. Additional sources include: Jim Chapman Lake, Lake Texoma, Lake Tawakoni, and the East Fork Raw Water Supply Project (Wetland).

For more information, please call the Department of Public Works at 972-292-5800 or email us at